CCC : Clean Clothes Campaign

SAVE [Social Awareness and Voluntary Action, based in Tirupur] is serving as the coordinating organizations in terms of logistics and communications among the Task Force members. As coordinator SAVE has been carrying out the following tasks:

  • Collecting relevant data and creating a research database,
  • Getting more people involved in Clean Clothes Campaign activities,
  • Coordinating the work of the different members of the network in the region,
  • Serving as a contact point and liaison office for trade unions, consumer groups, and other organizations,
  • Initiating a dialogue with government officials,
  • Raising public awareness of working conditions in the garment industry in India and worldwide, labor rights, and the CCC and the international movement to improve working conditions, and
  • Facilitating communications between member organizations and distributing relevant information throughout the network

TPF : The Tirupur People’s Forum

The Tirupur People’s Forum for Protection of Environment and Labour rights (TPFPEL is selected as synonym) emerged as a response to the growing labour rights violation specifically the exploitation of the migration workers, women workers and the child labour in the Tirupur garment and textile industries and in response to the continued eroding of the environment due to the industrial and other pollutants of Tirupur. The forum is constituted with the consensus of the organizations that are involved in promotion and protection of workers rights, child rights and protection of environment rights in Tirupur as well with the organizations from the sourcing areas. Currently, following organizations are members of the Tirupur people’s forum (TPFPEL) and listed here in alphabetic order CARE Trust, CSED, Don Bosco Anbu Illam, Don Bosco Nest, Maryialaya, Tirupur, Coimbatore, Nava Jeevan Trust; SAND Trust , SAVE and Test.

SAVE, Tirupur the elected convener of the forum will be the secretariat for the present and first tenure of forum. The term of a convener will be for a period of two years. Seven partner organization will involve in the activities with financial support to each activity for which they are responsible. Action for environmental and labour rights protection is not to be centered on the hosting organization alone. Gradually more organizations will be brought in to strengthen TPF and the activities commenced from 1st May 2007.